Quench your thirst

No matter what the weather is, you’re sure to want a nice beverage to wash down your amazing meal with. At Jimmy’s Restaurant & Pizza House, we have a wide range of both alcohol, and non-alcoholic drinks for you to choose from!


Alcoholic Beverage

If you want an alcoholic beverage, our menu has a nice selection of beers and wine.


Do you love soda?

Well, we serve Coca-Cola products here, to ensure you get quality drinks!


Quench your thirst

Rest assured you won’t be served some knock-off brands of soda at our restaurant.

We have a variety of Coca-Cola Company products, which means you’ll get your favorite soda to drink, not the rival company’s!

Drinks We Serve

Sodas and juices Coffee and tea Iced teas Beer and wine Hot chocolate Hot tea

Enjoy a great meal

From pizza to seafood, with a wide variety of meals to choose from, there’s sure to be something for everyone at Jimmy’s Restaurant & Pizza. Along with the wide variety of beverages, you’re set for a perfect dining experience!

Draft Pitcher Wines Bottles
Sam Lager Sam Lager White Zinfandel Heineken
Sam Seasonal Sam Seasonal Chardonnay Miller Light
Blue Moon Blue Moon Pinot Grigio Sam Adams Light
Coors Light Coors Light Sangria Mikes Lemonade
Budweiser Budweiser Lambrusco Michelob Ultra
Bud Light Bud Light Merlot O’ Doul’s
Vin Rose Budweiser
Cabernet Sauvignon

Wines by the glass, 1/2 Carafe, Full Carafe